What are my options for repurposing a piece of fine jewelry?

What are my options for repurposing a piece of fine jewelry?

Whether it’s a delicate heirloom you want to preserve, a sentimental piece that needs a style reboot, or wedding ring you want to take on a new meaning, refurbishing or creating a custom piece is easier than you might think! At Metal Art Studio, we can bring it back to life or give it a completely new life, depending on your wishes.

Replacing gems, resizing, and re-tipping are simple processes to restore your jewelry to like-new condition, or we can completely redesign it using some or all of the original components. White and yellow gold can most times be recast, which can be especially important to those who have inherited jewelry from a loved one.

When it comes to a full re-design, the best part is that you don’t have to have an idea in mind. Our artisans can work with you to determine a style that will suit your taste and personality that also works with how you plan to wear the piece, whether it’s every day or on special occasions. People often come in not knowing what they want and leave with exactly what they want. We love that!

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