From the Repair Shop: 4 Things to Know About Vintage Rings

From the Repair Shop: 4 Things to Know About Vintage Rings

1. It may be harder to size…

It may be worn too thin to be reshaped, and our expert jewelers often find cracks and breaks in the delicate undercarriage. Vintage repairs can be complicated and costly!

2. There may not be enough metal protecting the stones …

Prongs wear down with time. They can be built back up if they're not completely worn off.

3. Sometimes it will end up oval when resized…

Many vintage rings have delicate lacework built in a dome shape with a hollow area underneath. Bending it can cause cracks and can loosen the stones. While round is ideal, sometimes we can only adjust the back of the ring and the resulting shape may be oval.

4. Past repairs may show up when we heat or bend the piece…

We can’t be sure what other jewelers have done over the life of the ring. Sometimes solder lines only appear when it’s heated up during our repair process. Solder has a lower melting temperature and parts can slip around. Our laser welder allows us to repair fragile parts that can't be heated up with a torch. 


At Metal Art Studio our expert jewelers are happy to talk about your piece and give you a free estimate.

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